Josh Van der merwe Director of Photography


Hello! I'm Josh Van Der Merwe, a Cinematographer / Director of Photography based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Commercial Work:

I love working alongside directors to craft a visual language for commercial and short-form pieces. After carefully listening and understanding everything I can about the story, I begin the process of equipment selection, visual approach, and crew management.

If you're a director and need a trusted collaborator for your next piece, don't hesitate to reach out. I'd love to chat about how I can make your project come alive with a visual language you're thrilled about.

Documentary Work:

I know the documentary world well, with all its bustle, small crews, and scrappy approaches. As a cinematographer who loves the creative components of my work, I'm constantly amazed by the level of visual excellence we can achieve when things are trimmed down.

If you need a one-man-band, a small crew that can handle b-roll and interviews, or a solo/team approach that can roll with the punches, reach out and let me know how I can help you craft a compelling story.

Contact Info:

C: +1 (909) 583-1420